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College of Education Study Abroad Program



image-65727Many of our global fieldwork experiences include brief homestays with local families in the host destination. While you may feel some reluctance to stay with a family you are meeting for the first time, it is an important learning component of the program to participate in the lived day to day occurrences of a family in another culture. Having this opportunity provides you with a deeper understanding of he school/community relationship as well as a grasp of the broader cultural context. Many of our participants cite this experience as a highlight of the program and remain in contact with their host families long after returning home. We encourage you to approach this experience with an open mind and a grateful attitude. 

All of our host families are well known to our partner institutions and are graciously opening their home to Illinois students as guests. Please be extremely respectful and show your own, as well as your University's, gratitude for their willingness to host us and support the development of culturally responsive educators.



Below are resources from Illinois Abroad & Global Exchange on adjusting to cultural and other differences in your host country: