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College of Education Study Abroad Program



The Office of International Safety and Security provides students traveling abroad with the support and resources needed to ensure a safe travel experience. Students are encouraged to consult the International Safety and Security website prior to departure to determine what information is relevant to the respective program. Below are selected guidelines and details regarding the University's international health insurance. 

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Talk to the Office of Student Financial Aid to see how your financial aid package applies to education abroad (both semester and short-term programs)
  • Check with your Academic Advisor and ensure that you have completed any prior course approval worksheets
  • Make photocopies of your passport/visa, credit/debit cards, prescriptions, and flight itineraries to have on hand while abroad, and email copies to yourself and a family member or friend
  • Get the necessary vaccines for your host country and consult with your International Insurance provider and doctor about getting medications/prescriptions for the duration of your time abroad
  • If you have a visible or non-visible disability, understand your rights and responsibilities and arrange for necessary accommodations
  • Alert your bank of your international travel and arrange to have multiple forms of payment on hand while abroad
  • Understand your health coverage while abroad and investigate international insurance
  • Talk to your cell phone provider about your international travel and arrange for any upgrades
  • Label your luggage, inside and out, with your name and information

International Insurance

Policy requires University-approved International Insurance for all students and program leaders participating in University-related travel. Students are enrolled in the International Insurance automatically upon registration of any Education Abroad course. Fees vary depending on length of program. For more information on fees and coverage, see here.