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College of Education Study Abroad Program

Program Themes

Join a program designed specifically for Education majors to enhance your own global competency. While each of the programs is suitable for studying any focus within education, the following themes can guide participants in choosing locations of particular relevance based on areas of interest. Embedded within each program are opportunities to study issues of diversity, social and economic justice, and best practices in education. 

citizenshipCitizenship in a Global Era

Consider issues of student mobility, including both voluntary and forced migration, the resulting fluctuations in our school communities, and societies' understanding of borders and the resulting implications for schooling.

GreeceHong Kong/Macau, France, Indonesia, Spain

GlobalBest Practices in Global Education

Study first-hand the locations that are attracting global attention for high achievement on international testing, teacher training, leadership, or other measures of outstanding performance. Discuss these innovations directly with colleagues on location and consider the societal, policy, and other contextual factors that contribute to these innovations in education.

Italy (Early Childhood), Spain (Language Learning), Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, Japan/China, Jordan, Finland/Estonia

resilience1Resilience in Schools to (Re)Build Communities

Study protective factors, which include characteristics of the school, family and community ecologies. Visit schools that work to mitigate chronic or sudden exposure to trauma or risk in the mission of preparing students for healthy and productive adult lives, regardless of the experiences that children bring with them into the classroom.

Greece, Indonesia, India, Tanzania, Namibia

historicalHistorical Depth and Context

Consider alternative interpretations of both contemporary and historical events, contexts, and cultural productions ranging from literature, media, art forms, and even social movements and political action. Develop collaborations with colleagues in the locations that are a part of what you teach.

France, Spain, Hong Kong/Macau, Japan/China, Greece, Italy, Jordan

environmentPreparing Schools for a Changing Environment

Study approaches to environmental education through interactions with teacher, school, and community practices that prepare students to engage in environmental protection while recognizing connections to social justice, economic development, national and global policy. 

Costa RicaEcuador