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College of Education Study Abroad Program

Withdrawal and Refund Policy


Withdrawal Prior to Application Deadline

You can log into your My Study Abroad account, click the "Withdraw" button located next to the application you wish to withdraw from, and provide the reason you are withdrawing. Other than the non-refundable $100 Study Abroad Systems fee, there are no financial obligations for withdrawing prior to the application deadline.

Withdrawal after Committing

You must notify OIP by email of withdrawal from a program. The official withdrawal date is the date we receive the e-mail notification, and all withdrawal fees will be calculated based on that date. You are also required to notify the host institution or provider, by email, of withdrawal from a program.

From the time of commitment to a program, OIP begins making program arrangements on behalf of students, including but not limited to student housing, excursions, local language instruction, and many other preparations. If you are withdrawing from an OIP-sponsored study abroad program after committing, you will be billed a $500 withdrawal fee and any non-refundable payments OIP has made to vendors on your behalf.

Up to 3 Weeks Prior to Departure

Students who withdraw from the study abroad program after committing and up to 3 weeks prior to the starting date of will be billed the following:

  • $500 non-refundable program fee
  • Any non-refundable payments made on behalf of the student to the host university
  • Any non-refundable payments made on behalf of the student for round-trip airfare

Within 3 weeks of Starting Date of Program

No Refunds.

Notice of withdrawal must be made by email to the OIP before the withdrawal will be officially recognized. The date on which the email is received is the date by which any refund of balance due will be calculated. If a balance is due at the time of withdrawal, that amount will be billed to your student account or to you directly, according to established policies, to cover expenses incurred up to that point.

Program Refund

No refunds of any kind can be given once participants have arrived at the program site and have begun the program except for extremely serious and verifiable health reasons. In that case, the portion of room and board money that has not been used, minus any penalty, may be refundable.

Under no circumstances can any requests for refunds be considered for students who complete the program.

If the program is cancelled by OIP or the host institution, all fees billed by OIP will be refunded.

If a student is dismissed from a program, there will be no refunds.

Program Dismissal

There are circumstances under which overseas coordinators and institutions have the authority to require that a student withdraw from a study abroad program. These circumstances include but are not limited to the following:

  • Students whose conduct while on the program is deemed undesirable and whose actions are in violation of the University of Illinois' Code of Campus Affairs and Regulations will be dismissed from the program and subject to campus disciplinary reviews.
  • Students whose conduct is in violation of the rules and guidelines of the sponsoring overseas institution.
  • Students whose conduct is in violation of regulations set forth by the resident director.
  • Violation of the foreign country's civil and/or criminal statutes.

Students dismissed from the program for the above reasons will receive no credit for their academic work and will be considered as not having completed the program. In addition, no refund of program fees will be issued. If dismissed early, the student is responsible for return airfare.