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College of Education Study Abroad Program

Course Approvals 

Important information:
• Completion of the Course Approval Summary Form is required before departure.
• Grading options need to be decided by mid-term.
• All courses taken abroad must be approved.
• Submit the Course Approval Summary Form to: 110 Education Building (For education students. For all other majors, consult your college's course approval instructions).

Course Selection

Upon admission to a semester exchange program, you will be provided with a course offerings list from your host institution. Explore the course list for your host university and identify courses to take abroad.

Course Approval

  1. Use the Course Approvals Database to see which courses have been approved and what Illinois credit has been awarded.
  2. Discuss study abroad course selection with your academic advisor.
  3. Complete the information that is requested on the top portion of the Course Approval Summary Form. The Course Approval Summary Form will not be processed unless this information is completed.
  4. Columns #1 to #4 on the Course Approval Form need to be completed by YOU. Columns #5 to #8 need to be completed by your study abroad advisor. Column #9 is to be completed by your academic advisor.

• Student signature: This form will not be considered complete without your signature.
College approval: Please submit your Course Approval Summary Form to Kathy Ryan in 110 Education Building (for education students. Students in other colleges - follow submission instructions for your department). You will need to attach printouts from the Course Approval Database and course descriptions (these items will be housed in your file in the Student Academic Affairs Office, 110 Education Building).

5. Final Instructions: After signing your Course Approval Summary Form, the Admissions/Records Officer will scan the following documents which will be added to your Education file:

You must obtain approvals for all courses taken abroad. If the courses that were pre-approved do not match the courses actually taken abroad, you must obtain approval for all additional courses upon your return.