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College of Education Study Abroad Program

Course Title: EDUC 499
3-4 Credits 

All of our Education Abroad programs are associated with a six-week, online course. Course start and end dates vary depending on program term. As a full-credit course, students are responsible for all class meetings (if applicable), readings and assignments. We encourage students to register as soon as possible upon acceptance into a program.

All courses are conducted using Moodle. Upon acceptance to a program, students will be responsible for registering for the course and accessing it through Moodle. If you do not see the course on your Moodle homepage after registration, please contact our office.

The course is structured in three parts:  

  1. Pre-departure: Four-week asynchronous online course. This is the time when students are introduced to the host country (geography, government, economy, demographics, education, culture, language, etc.). Students will be assigned selected readings pertaining to their program’s theme for each week. During these four weeks, students are expected to complete all assigned readings and create a Flipgridresponse, a video reflection on the readings of each week. Students are encouraged to watch and comment on their classmates’ video reflections.  
  2. Study Abroad:The synchronous part of the course is when students are abroad. This is hands on field work experience. This will be achieved through the lectures, presentations, school visits, meetings with principals, teachers, counselors, and students, classrooms’ observations, and educational and cultural activities. The schedule for the synchronous part of the course is your travel itinerary. 
  3. Post-departure: Two-week asynchronous online course. During this time, students will be reflecting on their study abroad experience, framing it, researching potential applications of what they learned, and sharing their findings with their classmates and faculty through their final projects.  

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