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College of Education Study Abroad Program

Official Program Budget (or Financial Aid Budget)

After acceptance into a program but before required commitment, we will upload your official budget into My Study Abroad. This document is very similar to the unofficial budget that was viewed on the Program Costs page, except this budget has the official program costs. These are the amounts that will be billed to your student account and will also be used by the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) in creating your study abroad financial aid packages. Review budgets carefully before committing to the program. Once you commit, you may be liable for the program costs. See the withdrawal policy for more information.

Confirmation of Participation

After acceptance into a program, your Education Abroad Coordinator will upload a confirmation of participation (CoP) into your My Study Abroad account. The top section of the document will be identical to the official budget but the bottom has a contract agreement section, a signature section, and a policy section. You must print, sign, scan and upload the completed CoP into your My Study Abroad account. Students cannot participate in the program if this step is not completed. If you fail to submit the CoP by the program commitment deadline, you will be withdrawn from the program.


Illinois Students (including UIS and UIC students)

Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (IAGE) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) billable fees will be billed to your student accounts shortly before the start of each term. Second eight week classes will not have additional Illinois tuition, only OIP billable fees and the International Health and Safety Fee.

  • Spring and second half of Academic Year: First week of January (Due February 28)
  • Spring second 8 week classes with Summer travel: Middle of April (Due May 28)
  • Summer programs: First week of May (Due June 28)
  • Fall and first half of Academic Year: First week of August (Due September 28)
  • Fall second 8 week classes with Winter Break travel: Middle of October (Due November 28)

We will pay vendors and universities for any items listed in the OIP billable section of the official program budget. If you receive an invoice from the host institution, please check with us before paying.

Other / Non-Illinois Students

Students will be enrolled at Illinois as non-degree seeking students during your time abroad, and all billable fees will be billed to their Illinois student account.


Please see our Withdrawal Policy for information on billing in the case of program withdrawal or dismissal.